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Value Step is a London based business and strategy consultation practice established in 2017. They specialise in helping small to medium sized companies take the next step in their business. These steps can include securing major contracts, implementing a succession plan or completing a fundraising, sale or acquisition.

I worked directly with Chairman Robert Osborne to devise a visual identity that reflected the companies services and brand personality. Robert had developed the initial illustration below as a means of communicating the point Value Step interject. The challenge was to incorporate this particular illustration into a visual identity that could flow across all touch points from print through to web.

Previous logo

Initial sketches

Logo options

After developing a wide range of sketches the preferred route combined the ‘step’ illustration with a V to create a monogram. After experimenting with a variety of angles and line weights, I finalised the Value Step monogram. The symmetrical strokes in the mark are angled at 300 which is mirrored in the gradiented colour palette. The gradient was used to represent a transition from one stage in a companies life to the next.

Finished logo

Logo grid system

Icon grid system

Finished icon

Colour palette

Gradient rationale


Business card design

Style guides


"It was great working with Matthew on our new branding solution. He followed a well organised and structured approach, with great listening and close attention to detail. His solutions were creative and the final outcome is a perfect response to the brief. I look forward to using this work for years to come and to working more with Matthew on other projects." — Robert Osborne, Value Step